The ReWire group will focus on joint scientific publications with scientists from the international knowledge network to provoke wider international recognition. During the project, the following priorities will be addressed:

  1. publication in international journals (Q1 & Q2)
  2. presentations at international conferences
  3. writing project proposals for funding.

Activities will also include events to disseminate the project results, such as the workshop “Cementitious building materials reinforced with waste fibres” and “Long-term behaviour of fibre-reinforced cementitious materials”.

List of ReWire publications:

  • Mrduljaš, Branka; Baričević, Ana. Durability of synthetic fibers in cement composites // 8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering, Stirmer, Nina (ed.). University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb, 2022. pp 163-173 doi:10.5592/CO/PhDSym.2022.13 
  • Didulica, Katarina; Baričević, Ana. On the relation of microstructure development and time- zero as the beginning of autogenous shrinkage // 8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering, Stirmer, Nina (ed.). University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb, 2022. pp 137-148 doi:https://.org/10.5592/CO/PhDSym.2022.11.
  • Didulica, Katarina; Baričević, Ana. Influence of cement matrix composition on early age shrinkage properties // Concrete Solutions 2022 – 8th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Durability & Technology / Grantham, Michael ; Basheer, P.A.M.; Mangabhai, Raman (ur.). Leeds: EDP Sciences, 2022. 05004, 6 doi:10.1051/matecconf/202236105004.
  • Ocelić, Antonija; Didulica, Katarina; Mrduljaš, Branka; Baričević, Ana. Waste fibres: A new perspective for the construction industry // Concrete Innovation for Sustainability / Stokkeland, Stine; Braarud, Henny Cathrine (ed.). Oslo: Novus Press, 2022. pp 115-124.
  • Didulica, Katarina; Baričević, Ana; Banjad Pečur, Ivana. A review of early age shrinkage deformations in cementitious composites // GNP 2022 PROCEEDINGS
    Kolašin, Crna Gora, 2022. str. 67-67.
  • Baričević, Ana; Didulica, Katarina; Frančić Smrkić, Marina; Jelčić Rukavina, Marija. Cementitious Composites Reinforced with Waste Fibres from the Production of High-Quality Construction Textiles. Materials 2022, 15, 1611,
  • Didulica, Katarina; Baričević, Ana; Frančić Smrkić, Marina; Jelčić Rukavina, Marija. Preliminary study on the influence of waste fibres on early age autogenous shrinkage of cementitious composites // iNDiS 2021 Proceedings, Novi Sad, 2021. str. 326-334.
  • Didulica, Katarina; Baricevic, Ana. Possibilities of using waste fibers in high-performance cementitious composites. 7th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering, Stirmer, Nina (ed.). Zagreb: University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering, 2021. pp. 123-134 doi:10.559.
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List of previous publications:

  • Baricevic, A.; Grubor, M.; Paar, R.; Papastergiou, P.; Pilakoutas, K.; Guadagnini, M. Long-term monitoring of a hybrid SFRC slab on grade using recycled tyre steel fibres, Adv. Concr. Constr., Vol. 10, No.6, (2020), 547-557,
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