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Notice of cooperation

by mgv_admin

During our first meeting, which took place on April 15, 2021 at Kelteks in Karlovac, it became clear that Kelteks’ challenges in waste management and the experience of the ReWire project team can transform waste fibres into a valuable resource in the construction industry.

During the visit, Mr Preglej and Mr Petrunič introduced the Kelteks company and its production of high quality technical textiles. The production mainly uses E-glass fibres, but there are also textiles made of Ar-glass, basalt and carbon fibres. To get a better insight into the production, they showed us the production line and explained the production in more detail.

One of the challenges in production is the storage and disposal of the waste produced. This fits very well with the aim of the ReWire project, which is to tap the potential of the available waste fibres and make them a valuable resource in the construction industry. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that ReWire reasearch group has entered into cooperation with Croatian company Kelteks doo.

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