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Characterisation of waste fibres

by Ana Baričević

The potential of waste fibres as substitutes for manufactured fibres in mortars needs to be assessed by objective measurements and evaluation of fibre quality parameters. Within the ReWire project, these analyses are performed in collaboration with the Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF) at the University of Zagreb, Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing and the team led by Prof. Edita Vujasinović. 

Therefore, an introductory meeting was held at TTF on April 28, 2021, where the ReWire team members presented samples of waste fibres to be investigated in the ReWire project. During the meeting, Prof. Vujasinović and Ms. Pavunc Samaržija presented their equipment and current experience that will help in determining the geometrical, mechanical and durability characteristics of the waste fibres of interest.

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