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8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering

by Ana Baričević

The 8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering was held on September 5 and 6, 2022 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb. During the symposium, first year PhD students presented their initial research work, based on which they will define their hypotheses, objectives and scientific contributions.  

Thus, our PhD students Katarina Didulica, Branka Mrduljaš and Antonija Ocelić presented their research work, which they conducted together with Assistant Professor Ana Baričević. First, Antonija Ocelić presented her work entitled: “Influence of cement replacement by metakaolin and limestone filler on the properties of UHPC“. The work deals with sustainability of cementitious composites, i.e. improving economic and environmental efficiency by using supplementary cementitious materials, i.e. industrial by-products. In this way, the advantages of waste materials are highlighted in terms of sustainability, which is also the aim of the ReWire project. This was followed by Katarina Didulica’s presentation, entitled: “On the relation of microstructure development and time-zero as the beginning of autogenous shrinkage“. In the production of sustainable composites, understanding internal processes is important for predicting and designing future, i.e. desirable, properties. Finally, Branka Mrduljaš presented her research on “Durability of synthetic fibres in cement composites“. This topic is closely related to the main objective of the Rewire project, which is to incorporate waste fibres into cementitious composites to obtain sustainable materials. In order to predict the service life of these sustainable composites, the durability of fibres in cementitious composites must first be determined. 



For more information, please visit https://master.grad.hr/phd-simpozij/2022/. 

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